Outbound Call Center Services

Appointment setting, Lead Generation

Appointment setting, lead generation and new customer acquisition are a critical success factor for any business. But salespeople often don’t have the time for cold calling. They have too many other things to do and it diverts attention from their primary job: closing deals. And, truth be told, lots of salespeople just don’t like cold calling.

Call Works Media B2B lead generation call center outsourcing solves that problem with a single-minded approach: we’ll rapidly cold call hundreds, or thousands, of accounts, identify new customers, and fill your sales pipeline with closeable new leads. Appointment setting and lead generation is all we do, we’ve done it for a long time and we do it well.

Call Works Media will build you a business development, motor that kick-starts your sales strategy, fills your calendar with quality sales appointments and generates new sales revenue – at a surprisingly low per-opportunity cost.

Call Works Media call center outsourcing also does market research and customer surveys that help our clients understand buying trends and uncover potential new buyers. And our customer win-back programs motivate inactive customers to take a fresh look at your products, services and brand.

Call Works Media domestic call center services also can serve as your inside sales team, contacting new or existing customers and transacting the entire sales process through to the close.

Key to Call Works Media lead generation call center effectiveness is our “Innovative Agent.” We’ve built a call center services team of motivated, educated, articulate and professional outbound call center representatives. They go beyond reading a script. They engage customers in dynamic dialogue and communicate your key selling messages. They know how to ask the right questions and move prospects toward scheduling a sales appointment, product demo or a phone call from your sales team. Call Works Media appointment setting representatives have the business background and ability to uncover sales opportunities and identify decision makers.

In the world of outbound call centers, few are as experienced or accomplished as Call Works Media. Our call center outsourcing service has a strong track record of success across multiple industries: technology, healthcare, manufacturing and business services.

Our roster of outbound call center services includes:

B2B Lead Generation – Jump-start your sales pipeline with closeable sales leads

Appointment Setting – Fill your calendar with quality sales meetings and webinars

Sales – We’ll be your inside sales team

Customer Win-Back – Inspire inactive customers back on board

Customer and Market Research – Uncover new customers and their buying plans

List/Database Scrubbing – Update your customer contact information, and identify new buyers

Call Works Media appointment setting and B2B lead generation clients in the technology, business services, manufacturing and life sciences / healthcare industries have leveraged our capabilities to invigorate sales and refresh their insights into their markets and customers. Our clients consistently report strong ROI, with realized revenue many times more than their campaign fees. And we provide them with detailed reports and call listening capabilities that hold us to the highest standards of appointment setting and lead generation accountability.

In partnership with you, our experienced outsourced call center services campaign managers will customize our proven appointment setting and B2B lead generation methodology to help you achieve your sales objectives.

Let’s face it, cold calling is not the top priority for a many salespeople. They prefer to close leads, not find them. The result: market outreach doesn’t get the attention it needs to drive growth.

But with Call Works Media outbound call centers, you’ll get a focused team of dedicated domestic call center specialists who are measured solely on their lead generation effectiveness. That’s what we’re all about. That’s all we do.

Call Works Media is one of the most skilled and experienced outbound call centers in the industry. Our program managers can quickly grasp your core marketing messages, product benefits and market demographics – and then we’ll build a B2B lead generation call center program that fills your sales channels and lowers your per-lead costs.

Our highly trained B2B lead generation professionals will “Flock” the markets you need to reach, quickly cold calling hundreds of accounts, surfacing sales leads and delivering invaluable appointments.

Our outbound call center programs are always backed by frequent and detailed reports that cover all calls made on your behalf. Transparency and accountability are core values of our approach to call center outsourcing.

And because B2B lead generation is our core competency, we’ll run your lead generation call center program at optimal efficiency and drive down your business costs.

Appointment Setting: Fill your calendar with quality sales opportunities

Call Works Media appointment setting is one of the most potent weapons in our arsenal of outsourced call center services.

Our highly trained appointment setting specialists contact prospective customers throughout your target markets, rapidly cold calling hundreds of accounts your in-house staff doesn’t have time for.

Our experience appointment setting professionals understand the triggers that generate quality sales appointments that your sales team will appreciate – and close.

And because Call Works Media has an optimized outsourced call center services methodology, our appointment setting campaigns return strong ROI for you while cutting your business costs. We back our appointment setting programs with detailed, frequent reports that capture the result of every call we make.

In today’s business environment, driving growth is harder than ever. Shouldn’t you look at the competitive advantage Call Works Media call center outsourcing service can deliver for you?

We’ll be your inside sales team

So many accounts, so much potential revenue – and never enough salespeople. If that’s your challenge, you need Call Works Media B2B outbound sales.

Call Works Media outbound call center campaigns can augment your existing sales force or we can serve as your inside sales team. We will contact hundreds of accounts, transactions and close sales, and drive new revenue.

Sell a new product release to existing customers. We put   together a team of Call Works Media agents with technology expertise, and they cold called an extensive list of accounts.

The result: high-volume sales of the new product version generating   major new revenue for the vendor and, in the process, renewing customer brand loyalty.

With Call Works Media call center outsourcing, you’ll boost your sales resources without adding more staff. We’ll manage a scalable team of talented sales professionals who focus only on Telesales. We’ll be your growth engine. We’ve done it for many businesses across a range of markets, from life sciences to consumer goods to high tech, and we can do it for you.

The key to our track record of outbound call center service’s success: An unrivaled team of call center representatives with the education, motivation and business savvy to sell your products and services at the highest level of professionalism.

If these are your challenges, Call Works Media outbound customer win-back services can motivate inactive customers to take a fresh look at your products and services. And we do it at maximized efficiency, delivering at an impressively low per-opportunity rate.

That’s what Call Works Media call center outsourcing did for a national promotional products company with customers in all US and Canada.


Market Research & Customer Surveys: Identify your competitors’ customers and their purchasing plans

Market research and customer surveys deliver great insight into your markets and buyers, helping you develop more effective marketing and product development strategies. But there’s one problem:

Your sales team doesn’t have the time to do customer research.

Call Works Media call center outsourcing has a solution.

Our customer and market research programs will deliver a dedicated team of representatives to contact accounts throughout your markets. Call Works Media will quickly canvas hundreds of accounts, generating data invaluable to any market-driven company. In the process, we also identify decision makers and uncover companies ready to buy your products. The result: better understanding of your market combined with effective B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

List/Database Scrubbing: Update your customer contact information, and identify new buyers

Time waits for no customer list. They quickly become outdated and full of bad data. No one questions the value of scrubbing your customer database. But putting resources to the task rarely rises to the top of anyone’s to-do list.

Call Works Media outbound call center services can fix this problem. We’ll dedicate a team of outbound agents to call thousands of accounts, identify decision makers at companies that need your products and update contact information. In the meantime, we’ll conduct lead generation and appointment setting whenever and wherever we can.

And because we’re an optimized call center outsourcing provider, we’ll do it at maximized efficiency.

There are a lot of outbound call centers. But in today’s challenging business climate, you need an experienced call center outsourcing service that will maximize the effectiveness of your sales force. Give them the tools to boost sales revenue, and let them finish the job of closing leads. Give them the advantage of Call Works Media outbound call center list/database scrubbing services.