Dedicated Call Center Customer Service

Call Works Media offers a flexible outsourced customer service methodology – we support client programs ranging from 20 inbound calls per day to 2,000

If your call center customer service program has higher call volumes or requires specialized knowledge, we’ll build a dedicated team of trained, motivated and focused customer service and help desk specialists and put them to work solely for you — backed by Call Works Media.

Call Works Media dedicated customer service call center programs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We believe in client partnerships characterized by transparency, accountability and mutual goodwill. Our client partners have an open window into the work we provide: all of our customer calls are recorded and accessible, the result of every call is captured in custom, detailed reports

Call Works Media inbound call center services include:

Order Processing / Order Taking

Customer Service Outsourcing

Cross-selling / Upselling

Help Desk

Catalog and Collateral Mail Fulfillment

Call Works Media dedicated outsourced call center services have been used by companies across a range of B2B and B2C industries, including e-commerce, retail and consumer goods, healthcare, hospitals, food and beverage, technology, business services (continuity, membership, loyalty rewards) and manufacturing.

A:1 Advanced Model

Call Works Media dedicated programs provide several advantages. We’ll lower your business costs because we are an optimized call center service operation, and take most IT, telephone equipment, personnel and administrative headaches off your hands

In addition, all of our call center staff are premise-based, working on-site at our facilities. They are not virtual agents working from home. The result: Call Works Media delivers better quality assurance, work performance monitoring, knowledge-sharing, teamwork and reinforcement of lessons learned during client training sessions. Our on-site staffing model is at the core of our approach to customer service outsourcing.

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