Dedicated Call Center

What makes Call Works Media dedicated call center services different?

Our commitment to direct, ongoing senior management involvement in your program’s success from our call center management team. We continually monitor our work performance, staffing levels and average sales order results via detailed reports to ensure consistency of service, responsiveness, efficiency and maximized revenue

The result: We offer “one on one level” attention to your unique customer service outsourcing needs combined with the comprehensive services.

This begins with the development of a customized, scalable outsourced customer service program tailored to your unique needs. Our goal is to create a dedicated team of “Call Works Select” who provide your customers with absolute quality, consistency, dedication and courtesy.

Sales, operations and customer service managers have never liked paying for unused resources. That includes idle customer service call center staff waiting for the phone to ring, along with unused call center infrastructure.

Call Works Media dedicated customer service outsourcing model addresses these challenges, enabling you to scale customer service staffing as your call volume fluctuates, ensuring that you have an ideal resource allocation at all times.

Bottom line: Call Works Media scalability lets you realize maximized inbound call center ROI.

Simplified and flexible billing

Call Works Media believes in simplifying, “all-in” billing. That means no surprise extra fees and no hidden charges tacked onto your bill.

Hourly costs are agreed upon at the outset of your partnership with Call Works Media, and once your program is underway our detailed reporting will let you track how your program resources have been allocated and your fees.

Contact us today. Let’s talk about how a dedicated inbound customer service program for Call Works Media can solve some of your biggest challenges.

Shared Inbound Call Center Services: Great Customer Service, No Idle Time

Excellent inbound customer service starts with great customer service representatives, and Call Works Media has them.

If you require customer service, order taking / order processing, help desk, Call Works has the agent, talent and management experience to deliver the program you need. We’ll increase your average sales order, boost customer loyalty, articulate your product and brand messages and lower your business costs.

With Call Works Media “Innovative Agent,” you get inbound customer service specialists with the experience, education and maturity that exceed call center industry norms.

An advantage of Call Works Media: All of our customer service and help desk specialists are premise-based at our call center facility. This means we do not have “virtual” employees working from home.

Unlike other call centers, which employ a virtual/at-home staffing model, our on-site staffing model brings out the best in our staff, delivering superior quality assurance, work performance monitoring, productivity, knowledge-sharing, teamwork and reinforcement of lessons learned during training sessions.

Our shared inbound services model offers optimal ROI for companies with moderate call volume because you only pay for the actual time we are communicating with your customers – processing orders, answering product questions, checking on the status of orders.

We provide this “time-on-task” methodology 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And in addition to speaking on the telephone, we do live chat and email response.

Shared inbound include:

  • Customer Service
  • Order Processing / Order Taking
  • Email Response
  • Catalog and Collateral Mail Fulfillment
  • 24/7/365 Support

We can provide shared agent call center services during your normal business day, or we can extend coverage after-hours, either in the evening, overnight or over the weekend, when your in-house call center is closed. We can also handle overflow calls when your call volume spikes — at any time of the day, evening, weekends or during peak seasonal business periods.

Leverage our inbound customer service, up-selling and cross-selling expertise

Call Works Media is committed to continual performance improvement and skill development. Our agents and account managers receive advanced call center services training coursework.

When it comes to “active listening” techniques, understanding customers’ true buying motives, handling upset customers and developing awareness for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities that expand your average sales order size, Call Works Media is always extending our skills.

Customized programs scaled to your unique inbound call center services needs.

No two customer service programs are alike. We work closely with our clients to develop custom outsourced call center programs that support your unique needs.

Call Works Media time-on-task customer service outsourcing begins with a rigorous training regimen in which agents assigned to your team learn your culture, brand, product details and services specifications. This process enables our agents to articulate your company’s business philosophy, personality and brand – as if we were your own employees.

Call Works Media shared programs lower your business costs because we are an optimized call center operation. We maintain a powerful technology infrastructure on your behalf while handling hiring, training, skills enhancement and other areas of personnel management. We also can scale your program up or down quickly, enabling you to avoid the complexities of hiring new employees or dealing with layoffs.

We scrutinize average talk time (ATT), wait times, abandonment rates, first-call resolution and average order size, and then share that data with you — at any level of frequency or detail you wish. We then work with you to achieve optimized customer service results at maximum efficiency and to anticipate seasonal fluctuations in call volume or spikes in customer service activity based on periodic marketing promotions.

Extend customer service call center coverage after you’re closed for the day or weekend

The time-on-task approach to call center outsourcing service is perfect for companies that want to provide live customer service when your in-house call center has closed for the day or the weekend.

We can extend your customer service hours with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Call Works Service customer service and Level 1 help desk specialists. They will always be there to process orders, handle customer’s questions, process technical support requests and take messages. This strengthens customer loyalty and maximizes revenue.

In today’s culture of consumer choice, customers will probably seek out the competition if they are told to “call back during normal business hours” by an answering machine. Let Call Works Media call center services help you capture more after-hours inbound revenue.

Expand your bandwidth for overflow calls during peak periods

Our time-on-task service model is a great option for companies that experience overflow call volume that overtax the bandwidth of your in-house call center. This may happen during seasonal peak business periods or after a promotional mailing, ad campaign or email blast.

The time-on-task model helps you handle these spikes. As your needs grow, our flexible services model expands to meet your growing number of inbound calls – no matter how busy you get Senior management commitment to your success

What makes Call Works Media so effective? A commitment to direct, ongoing senior management involvement in your program from our highly experienced team of call center services strategists. We continually monitor our work performance, staffing and results to ensure consistency of service, responsiveness and efficiency.

The result: We offer “boutique-level” attention to your unique needs combined with the comprehensive services and advanced IT infrastructure of a larger outsourced call center.

Customized program development, real-time program adjustment, detailed results reporting and strong senior management involvement – these are the hallmarks of Call Works Media inbound call center programs.

Call Works Media technology resources – whether provided by our long-distance partners, internet service providers or facilities management team – are fully redundant. This means instant resolution of interruptions in phone service, internet connection and electricity, ensuring that client transactions continue without disruption.