Call Works Media dedicated customer service programs begin with a rigorous training regime in which representatives assigned to you are immersed in your culture, product details, order processing procedures, services specifications.

This process transforms our inbound call center representatives into “Call Works Select,” a direct extension of your operations, marketing and sales teams – as if they were your own staff. And because our dedicated team focuses strictly on your business, they quickly develop expertise on your customers and their needs.

With Call Works Media dedicated programs, we build a close working partnership that gives you immediate access to your team and program managers. This includes directing the team’s daily work assignments over and above handling inbound customer service calls. These additional tasks can include collateral mailing fulfillment, follow-up outbound customer calls or any other need that you need taken care of.

With our detailed call center customer service reports and vigilant work performance monitoring, Call Works Media will maintain the right program staffing level, which is critical for your program’s ROI. We work closely with you to anticipate seasonal fluctuations in call volume or spikes in order processing and customer service activity based on sales promotions.

A commitment to accountability and program success from senior management